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There are many pharmaceutical companies that offer help with prescription cost to qualifying individuals. The only problem with the program is that in order to get the p with prescriptions applicants are required to fill out a lot of paperwork. If a patient is taking many different medicines, they may be required to fill out forms for each of the drug companies. This process can be so overwhelming for some that they do not even bother with the documents. The Simplefill program helps their clients navigate through the complexities of the paperwork require during the application process. They understand that each of the drug companies has a specific set of rules when it comes to qualification. takes care of all of the paperwork even if it requires dealing with more than eight separate medicines to get help with prescriptions. It is essential that the applicant is a resident of the United States in order to get help with prescription cost benefits. Once the patient is approved and the automatic credit card payment is set up, they will receive a monthly charge and their monthly medicine. The medication may be directly sent to the patient’s home, to a doctor’s office or to a nearby pharmacy, depending on the rules for that specific medicine. This program allows people to live longer because they are able to afford their much-needed medicines. They serve as a patient advocate and help with the re-application process and also appeal if the patient is denied.


Help With Prescription Cost


It is unbelievable that in the “first world” country of the United States of America, millions of people are uninsured or underinsured. This causes a great deal of stress on the uninsured person as well as their family members. Nobody wants to see their loved one suffer, but they themselves may not be able to take on the hefty medical bills either. This puts people in a very difficult conundrum. It is especially worrisome if the uninsured person is in need of a lot of medication because they are bound to need help with prescriptions. This may lead to an internet search for “help with prescription cost”. may surface during such a search. They specialize in helping people afford their medicines when their insurance just isn’t cutting it. Each of their clients is given a personal advocate. This person helps them with the whole application process free of charge. For more information about how they can help with prescriptions, clients can either go to or call 1-877-386-0206. One thing that people may be curious about when they are searching for “help with prescription cost” is the fees of the actually program. The program costs $50.00 per month for one prescription. The monthly fee is $65.00 a month, to get assistance with two to seven prescriptions and  $85.00 a month for help with eight or more drugs. The advocates help will medicine changes, re-application fees and are there to answer questions and give support.

Prescription Assistance

There are many prescription assistance programs out there for qualified patients through the pharmaceutical companies. Each company has their own rules about who qualifies and a separate procedure for applying. The Simplefill program helps their clients navigate through the complexities of each Merck patient assistance program since they can be confusing and difficult. Some clients that take many different medicines need to apply to many different programs. This is when it is especially helpful to have the assistance of The less medicines a client needs help with the less their monthly payment is. If during the application period a client is denied a specific medication, the client’s Personal Advocate will do an appeal for free. It is necessary to be a United States resident to reap the benefits of this program. The first payment is due at the time of enrollment. After that an automatic withdrawal from a credit or debit card can be set up. It is normally deducted from the card eight weeks after the enrollment period.  Personal checks are not accepted as a form of payment for the Merck patient assistance program. Each pharmaceutical company has different policies when it comes to prescription assistance programs. Some of them send the medication directly to the patient’s home and others send it to a doctor’s office or to the local pharmacy, for the client to pick up. With programs such as people are more likely to get their medicines and live a happy and healthy life.

Merck Patient Assistance Program

Unfortunately, today millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured. Not having quality insurance can be quite stressful for a family. It can be especially stressful if there is a family member that is in need of a lot of medication.  Sometimes people only need to take medicine when they are sick. Other individuals need their medication everyday to survive. In these cases it is critical to look into some sort of prescription assistance service or Merck patient assistance program. One option is This is how it works: Each client is assigned a personal advocate that helps them with the entire application process.  There is absolutely no fee to apply. Interested clients just need to go to the website or call 1-877-386-0206. The fees of the actual program vary. For assistance with one prescription the monthly cost is $50.00. For help with two to seven prescriptions, the 
cost is $65.00 a month. The price is $85.00 a month for those individuals that are seeking help with eight or more prescription drugs. The Personal Advocates are in charge of helping people schedule their re-fills. Most of the time the medicines go straight to the patient’s house. Since qualification for this program only last for one year, the company helps their clients re-apply for services when they are running low on time.  This avoids any gaps in coverage that may result in not having access to necessary medicines. For people researching prescription assistance service or Merck patient assistance program, the site might be the place to visit.

Prescription Help

   Prescription medications are not only increasingly common for many Americans, they are increasingly expensive as well.  Many Americans are forced to struggle at the bottom of the economy, especially during hard economic times, and must make the unfortunate decision between important medication and other bills.

Prescription cards can help Americans with prescription needs afford expensive medicine.  There are a number of different prescription card programs available throughout the country that can help in a number of ways.  Some programs provide discounts, while others work like insurance policies to greatly reduce the cost of certain prescriptions while cardholders pay a monthly fee.

Most programs require that prospective cardholders fall within a certain income range.  Many such programs are intended for people who are out of work, disabled, uninsured or otherwise incapable of generating enough income to pay for increasing expensive medication.

How can you find a program that might help you out?  You can start by asking your doctor or pharmacist, either of which might have information that can help you.  If you do have insurance, but its not enough to cover your prescription needs, trying asking your insurance representative if they have any suggestions.  Free clinics are an excellent source of information, as their services are similarly designed to help people who can’t afford medical care.  Finally internet searches can help find a variety of programs, which will often have detailed websites and customer service hotlines to help you navigate through the application process.

Patient Assistance Programs

This blog will answer some basic questions about the nationwide advocacy service, SimpleFill, who helps people get prescription assistance when they are uninsured. It’s one of the scariest and most frustrating things when you need prescription medications but you’re unable to afford them. SimpleFill is devoted to signing people up for patient assistance programs that will enable them to live a normal life and continue to get the medication they need.

              So, the process is relatively simple, as the name implies. You will go to their online page at, where you’ll fill out an initial patient assistance program application. You’ll be contacted within 24 hours to see if you’re eligible for the prescription assistance. If you are, you’ll be further instructed to fill out additional forms. Nothing is too difficult, but you’ll have to verify some things that keep the company legitimate and smoothly-running. The program is not associated with any type of health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Simple Fill is an agency all on its own, and it does not provide insurance—only the prescription assistance necessary for a patient.

                If you only need short term help paying for your prescriptions, you can still qualify. You will be able to quit the program at any time. Because the agency is about advocacy and assistance, they do no rope anyone into contracted agreements where they must stay in the program for a given period of time. That would imply the company is trying to get more money out of patients without their interest in mind. Very much this is not the case. Look into the website to discover more. There is a comprehensive overview of everything that will allow you to make your decision with ease.